About Us


Enoteca is the BEST place to savour authentic Italian food with great Italian wines! We pride ourselves on serving our most-requested homemade pasta, selection of steaks and porks, as well as the best pizzas in town.

With GOOD FOOD, GOOD WINE, GOOD COFFEE & BETTER EXPERIENCE, Enoteca is definitely the place to spend quality time with family & friends.


Over 13 years of experience, Chef Jasur’s journey started when he found his love for Italian cuisine at Seoul, Korea. What started as a humble waiter job, Jasur expressed interest and passion in the kitchen and soon landed the opportunity and worked his way up to Sous Chef.

His journey then continues and eventually ended up in Malaysia in year 2014. Chef Jasur is now Executive Head Chef at Enoteca, providing us with his delicious curation of innovative Italian fare. Head Chef Jasur was also part of the Malaysia International Gourmet Festival (MIGF) 2015, representing Enoteca (formerly known as Neroteca during 2015).